Fall LookBook [OOTD]

Hi, my curious friends! Fall has coooome and we have to quicky adapt our summer clothes by using some easy tips 🙂
Have a look below for 2 of my favourite outfits for this time of the year!

1. Dressy on the Go:
Faux Leather Dress: https://goo.gl/o2VQoq
Basic White Tee: https://goo.gl/wVIG3Z
Boots: https://goo.gl/JU2fJ9
Socks: https://goo.gl/5B1U8r
Pandora Bracelet
DKNY Chronograph Watch (discontinued…this makes me soooo sad :()

2. Furry Chill
Sweater: https://goo.gl/eqAtFM
Shirt: https://goo.gl/VQsA1S
Jeans: https://goo.gl/3Idc1p
Hi-Tops (similar): https://goo.gl/ue1hnM

Let me see your recreation / new looks by adding “@sabpar.1” on Instagram 🙂

Music: Fab – Infected

Be safe and loved,

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