One year after…

One year ago, I was just starting my YouTube & blogging adventure. I still feel exactly like I wrote here. It was an unknown realm for me and I was amazed by how much one can do. I was picturing the day when I will have my own thing over and over again in my head for so long that, when I finally got started, I realized that there’s no limit to what content you can create. That’s a blessing, but also a curse…

I didn’t want to get trapped into tags, cliches and reinventing the wheel all over again.

This is why I have been posting scarcely videos, mostly on my Life with Braces series, which you can find on my YouTube channel 🙂 This has been the thing that happened in the last year I felt that can be of interest & can help answer a lot of questions.

The thought that is haunting me whenever I have a new blog post / video idea is: if I were to look back in a year’s time, would I be still supporting this idea? Will I be proud of what I’ve delivered? If the answer is YES, I would go forward with it; otherwise, I will just leave it out.

Definitely, I would like to see more responsible people nowadays, influencers, social media specialists, bloggers, vloggers etc. They are the people looked at by millions, they are the examples followed by today’s young generation. They should feel the pressure of responsibility as heavy as the benefits of being in the spotlight.

Be bold, but responsible! Be courageous & inspiring!
However, Be yourself all the way!

Be safe & loved,

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