German Adventure. [Travel]

Hi, my curious friends!
Long time, no see, but I really wanted to share with you my lates travel adventure: beautiful Dusseldorf!

The weather wasn’t the best for discovering a lot of nice sights, but at least I had some fun shopping 🙂

Things to know before going to Dusseldorf:

1. There is a high chance to catch a crowded period as this city hosts trade fairs on usual basis (in early November everything was fully booked & expensive), so investigate a bit before your departure.

2. Weather can be changing pretty much throughout the day, so the best way you can avoid freezing/boiling yourself is by layering thin clothes that you can put on/take off easily.

3. It would be a pity not to catch a weekend to go to Amsterdam/Hague/Frankfurt/Berlin (a lot of trains and buses leave for big cities in Holland each day; as for me, I chose Amsterdam for my weekend and the most expensive train ticket was 60 EUR on 1st class 🙂 ; also, you will already be on Schengen territory, so no passport checks to expect when entering Holland )

4. Internet speed: brace yourself, as this will not be an easy one… on the other hand, you’ll just have more time to explore the city!

No more rambling, let me show you what beauties I got on tape :


Let me know your German experience, I’d love to know your tips and tricks!

See you next time!

Be safe & loved,


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