Starting Youtube & ‘Thank You’s [Life Bites]

Starting my life in front of camera lenses has been an easy decision to make. I’ve made it in a heartbeat and I’ll tell you how.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been shy and nervous whenever I had to stand up for the things that I believed in. But that has come to a grind when I had to come out of my comfort zone. Learning English has developed and broadened by perspective regarding being an introvert and the opportunities that may pass you by because of that. Time after time I had to perform in front of unknown people or circumstances. I’ve sang in events, I went to a lot of school competitons, I had to deliver presentations and trainings, I had to travel alone and meet&work with people of other cultures and so on. I took each one of these as challenges to overcome. The necesity teaches you to perform to the best of your abilities, at least I know I’ve done things I didn’t know I was capable of!

I’ve started a lot of activities until now, but realized along the way that we weren’t best fits. You’re meant to keep trying. You have the opportunity of trying, so don’t waste this chance that others would beg for.


Start anything you want to and start it TODAY. There’s no better day than TODAY! Go get them! Tomorrow there’s going to be a person who has already started a day ago and he/she will already be a step ahead of you.
On the other hand, what I’ve learnt is that giving up is ok, as long as you have really tried and gave your best. Some things are not meant to be. Maybe another time, maybe never.


I want to send ginormous ‘Thank You’s to all the ones that have supported me from the very beginning, who have put a one stepping stone after another since I was a little child. I do believe that we meet people that we’re supposed to meet. And together we undergo experiences that are meant to be eye-openers for us. I’m grateful for every experience I’ve been through, they’ve shaped me into the being that I proudly am today.

And you, my curious friends, be grateful for every chance, every experience and every person that enters your life!
Challenge & Discover yourself! Make your journey memorable!


Be safe & loved,


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